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You've got more communication habits than you realise.

You've got more communication habits than you realise.

Habit expert Kate Krieg helps us understand how to break bad habits and create more useful ones.

Could you name three communication habits you have? Chances are we all have heaps more than three, yet most of us aren’t even aware of them. So, how many are helping us versus how many are hindering our efforts to influence the experiences and environments of children in the early years?

In this episode of our Second Nature Stories podcast, Penny Terry chats with habit expert and transformation coach Kate Krieg who runs us through the 101 of habit creation - because it turns out our habits are responsible for more than we realise. The challenge with this episode will be to stay focussed on your communication habits, and not every other little habit in your life! Enjoy.

Remember you can listen here or wherever you get your podcasts - just search for Second Nature Stories (and hit follow).

The next live Zoom session.

There is another week to vote for your preferred time…

For those who missed it - our last live Zoom session was fun, light yet insightful, with some actionable takeaways. Huge thanks to those who booked it in the diary and shared openly!

I’ll be hosting another in June. It’s a 1-hour live Zoom session where you can ask questions, share stories, or simply connect, listen and learn from others in the community. Please let us know your preferred time (you have one week to vote), and then we’ll send out a save-the-date.

If none of the options work for you, feel free to email me directly with your preferred days and times, and we'll do our best to accommodate them in future sessions.

Can’t wait to connect with you online again!


B4 Community Storytellers
Second Nature Stories - B4 Community Storytellers
Before storytelling becomes second nature, we need to build the habit. That's what Second Nature Stories is all about - helping you build actions into your everyday to make storytelling feel easier and more automatic, so you can do what you do better and for more impact.
We're on a mission to make it easy for informal influencers, community leaders, and people working in or around the 'early years' to use simple - yet highly influential - conversational stories to improve their community’s knowledge about what children need in those early years - from conception through to 4 years old - the time ‘before’ school.
Each episode host Penny Terry finds new ideas, experts, stories, techniques and people to help build your storytelling muscle. It's one of the many resources of the B4 Community Storytellers - Community of Practice*.
You can join the Community of Practice and get access to all the other resources (for free) on Substack: https://pennyterry.substack.com/
*Penny Terry creates content for and manages the B4 Community Storytellers Community of Practice on behalf of the B4 Early Years Coalition, a Tasmanian Government Initiative.
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